A++ to develop the first Net_Zero island in UAE

Conceived as Part of the ENERGY BUILDING PROJECT that A++ has started few years ago it refers to the development of a completely sustainable luxury island off the shores of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.
The project involves the design and construction of N ° 150 prestigious villas with the highest energy efficiency .
The whole complex will be characterized by the implementation of high sustainability systems , both for the production of electricity as well as for the production of thermal energy.
The villas will be built using a partial pre-cast assembly, performed by dedicated companies in protected environment thereby ensuring effective control of the quality of the implementation .
The villas will be characterized by the use of sustainable materials and technical systems with low consumption and low maintenance.
The island will be powered by electricity generated from a combination of centralized production , by means of a photovoltaic roof built on the access bridge to the island, and localized production by means of panels placed on the roofs of individual houses .
The cooling of homes and public areas will be secured by a centralized system powered by solar energy and distributed through a system of district cooling.
Falcon Island Net Zero Development